Force 180 - Disable ethernet port when no Wireless link

Morning All

Following an issue I have with Mesh Base when backhauled via Force 180s I wondered if its possible to acheive my goal using the Force 180 instead.

The issue:  I need to disable the ethernet port on the Force 180 when the force 180 does not have an active Wireless Link.

Why?  The e500 Mesh base auto detect doesnt check for Layer 3/Layer 2 connectivity on the access point rather just the ethernet link state.  If it detects a device connected to its ethernet port it takes that as having internet and keeps the device in base mode.  All nearby mesh units connect to the 'down' base resulting in an outage.

Its a long shot I know, but if we could disable the F180 ethernet port when it drops its wireless link then It saves having to wait for Cambium to address the issue with the e500 firmware.