Force 180 End of Life?

My preferred Distributer just told me the 180 was EOL. Is this true? Is there a suitable substitute?
Steve Schuh

A suitable replacement would be the F300-16’s.

My distributor told me in January that the F180 are EOL. I believe the F200 is also.

My mistake. I am the RSM that told Eric I had not heard of it being discontinued… I checked into it and confirmed that F180 and F200 North America models are in fact discontinued. There may be some available at distributors but it appears there are no more coming into stock.

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What can I use to replace either the Force 180 or the Force 200 in short range PTP applications? Can the Force 300 be set to be an access point as well as a subscriber module?

Yes, the F300 can be configured as a PtMP client or PtP master or slave. I think there’s also a new firmware on the horizon that will allow for limited AP PtMP operation.

We replaced our Force 180’s needs with Force 300-16’s, and they work great. Faster & better PTP links.

It could work in AP mode?

Yes - in 4.7 of the firmware, the Force300 SM’s regain the ability to work in AP mode. They work great as PTP (Master/Slave) and can also work as PtMP AP’s supporting up to 12 clients.

Is there anything in works for a F400 style device with that footprint ?
We have barred all Force 300 products from our networks due to issues and used 180’s exclusively for short pops.

Yes, it is under development.