Force 180 radio as Access Point


I have read that the Force 180 radio can also operate as an access point.

In that mode of operation, what is the maximum real bandwidth that can be obtained?
How many subscribers can the radio support?
What subscriber radio models can be used?
Are there any other subscriber radio models that can be configured as access points? Perhaps one of the Force 300?


Considering the narrow antenna beam width, the obly reasonable use of the f180 as an ap is in a ptp linkbof reasonably short range. As for how many subscribers, in theory you could connect 120, but the radio was not designed with this as a primary use type so I would limit it to 10. This is assuming you have a row of cabins that you want to give network access to from one end.

The f180 is capable of 130mbps each way in perfect radio conditions, with network overhead this will give you 115 to 120 each way. This is not guaranteed as your channel size and snr are very much involved.
The f180 is a 1000/2000 series radio and only supports N-type connections so f180, f190, f200 and older.

Personally, the cost of a 3000L is reasonable, cheap antennas are available and it supports 60 N and AC connections with GPS sync onboard and provides up to 600mbps of bandwidth (use of correct subscribers and radio settings/conditions required).

Thisbis all general as you have not given us your use case yet