Force 180 resets

Hi guys, 

First I am a newbee to epmp, more of a wifi guy. 

I installed 2 force 180 about 400 meters apart to connect 2 buildings.

The problem I have is that the subscriber unit resets ramdomly (once or twice a day).

 I have extreamly high retransmition rates between the 2 units but good signal/mcs 

this is the master:


This is the Slave:


Configuration is master/slave.

Any Ideas? version is 3.5.2-RC17

This is a freq scan. Its on 5950MHz

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We have about 150 or so 180's in the field and we have replaced about a third of them so far with 190's.

A factory default fixes them occasionally but we have found them unreliable lately. You could try rolling back to to see if that fixes it, we had no problems with that firmware but are unable to roll our entire network back.

edit: we first started seeing reboots on 200's and 180's with 3.0, we are currently on 3.5