Force 180 SM and EPMP


I was reading a question on spiceworks and member proposed the below solution for providing wifi and PtMP for a parking lot.

I am doing something similar in a RV park.  The attached picture shows the locations of the Force 180's, but what EPMP AP (bottom of pic) would someone recommend to connect the Force 180's?  I doubt another force 180 due to the 15 deg Azimuth, possibly a EPMP 1000 Integrated 5Ghz with the 30 deg Azimuth?  My range will be less than 700 ft from the AP to the SM.  Thanks

TheForce 180 should do the trick; they come with a -3db beamwidth within 15º azimut, 30º elevation when installed as per your photos, but you can rotate them 90 degrees and then you will get a -3dB beamwidth within 30ºazimut, 15º elevation. Included standard support is designed to allow these changes.

I have just disassembled a Force 180 and I think I was wrong. I cannot see how to rotate 90 degrees the device with standard mount... But with a custom support and rainwater protection it should be doable :)