Force 180 wishes for finalization


In first i must say about design of Cambium Force 180 model: the back cover is very not comfortable and slippery, it is absolutely smooth without any ribs or protrusions, behind which it would be convenient to open it. In the cold, this is a big problem. On Microtik, the cover is much more convenient, and it is easy to open. And ribbon, that connect back cover to device - easy for tear off (on mikrotik have hard clamping)


Second - Force 180 have very big boot time while get connection with base station, and long time in wait for PPPoE connection up (in 3-5 min). Mikrotik's have boot time arroun 1 min, and up PPPoE connection with get IP instantly

In thirds - Force 180 not have any sound signals (as on Mikrotik), and have very small LEDs for visual signal level control, and it not visible if install it to wall - control is impossible (LEDs invisible), LEDs must be placed on bottom for easy visual control, and must have more high brightness.

And with this shortcomings - Force 180 have more price in compare with Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 (x2 price). It's no good.