force 190 does multipoint? (force 190 faz multiponto)?

I have a ptp of force 190 in the countryside working, plus a neighbor a little farther, only that in the same angle also want by internet ... My question is: can I put the ap in TDD mode and connect the two stations? thanks!

(estou com um ptp de force 190 na zona rural funcionando, mais um vizinho um pouco mais distante, so que na mesma angulação tambem quer por internet...
minha duvida é: posso por o ap em modo TDD e conectar os dois stations?) obrigado!

I've never done it but the software supports it (at least v3.5.6 does, can't speak for 4.whatever)  so I don't know why you couldn't.  

PMP mode is supported for Force 190.

Thank you.