Force 190 on a PTP is it possible?

Dear Team
I am trying to use a Force 190 to carry out a Point to point radio link. But I couldnt do so because when I tried converting the Force 190 radio into an AP the Country was showing Generic ETSI so because of this the SM cannot associate to the radio unit.

Kindly see the attached snipet.

How does the country make an SM not to connect?
You can apply the license to make it show your ETSI country.

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Could it be that the automatic frequency selection is picking one that is not available in your country? Can you try to set a channel on the AP that your SM can connect to?

Dear Andrii

Pls how can i get a license key that can change the country code from Generic ETSI to others on the Force 190 AP.

This is hindering me from establishing a link on a point to point with a Force 190.

I need help pls

You can get it from this page. It is free. Then apply it on Tools >> License management.

I guess you are using FW below 4.6.1. I warmly suggest to upgrade it before deployment.


Dear Andrii

Thank you so much it worked and I have been able to deploy my radio link with Force 190 on a point to point platform.

Thanks a lot

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