Force 200 5GHz H/V or slant?

Just a fast question, the 5GHz Force 200 is H/V polarization or it can be used in slant as well? 

The 200 itself cant be slanted. It will however talk to a slanted AP just fine.


thank you for the reply. 

So if I use a slanted AP will I loose anything in modulation and quality? If you already tried it did you see any improvement or degradation or nothing noticable at all? 

The ePMP/Cambium 2.4Ghz sectors are 45° slant while the client radios are not and Cambium has claimed it reduces interferrence on the AP end (since it is slant and the noise is normally h/v) while also claiming no loss of signal between the AP and the client radio.   So one would assume this should work for the 5Ghz also but if so then one has to wonder why Cambium didn't make the 5Ghz sectors slant also.

Slant mostly helps with path obstructions (physical interference) . Not rf interference.

You can observe this by taking a 2 gig path thats got very unbalanced chains like hitting lots of vertical trees etc using liner antennas and swap to X pol, you’ll see an improvement in your chain balance. Usually resulting in a few db better signal too.