Force 200 eptp many retransmissions mcs low


I have installed Force 200 in Eptp mode with distance 23,5 kms (practically to the limit)

The RSSI level is -60 dBm and the SNR 37 dBs, but MCS 4 or 5 and i have a lot of retranssmision.

Should  i change the configuration a at TDD?

You can not rely on SNR with these units. If you are on 5810Mhz and there is another signal on 5810Mhz, the unit sees it as one signal. The ePMP units are not capable of displaying CINR which would disriminate between the two signals. We do not even look at SNR values. I look at MCS levels in relation to RSSI and if they are off, I know there is interference.You will need to run edetect and/or spec-an to see any real noise. 

The fact you are at -60 RSSI and modulating at MCS 4 with a lot of retrans tells me you have interference. 

TDD -may- help break through the noise better. 

Hold this radio the same radio in this post? If so, then you have other issues. Nothing in this post mentioning uneven chains, but I guess I should have caught that since you mention MCS 4 and 5 which are single chain modulation levels. 

correct, it seems to have the same problem.

In that case I’d open a ticket with Cambium.