Force 200 packaging TOO LARGE

Hello. We just received our first Force 200 units which come packaged 4 per box. I figured there was at least 5 units in each box by the looks of it but I was sure wrong.

I have attached pictures of the Force 200 box (the larger one) next to the Ubiquit PBE-M5-400 box which has 5 units packaged nicely. They are both the same size dish roughly so I don't see why Cambium can't find a way to package their equipment in a smaller box or at least get 5 units in the large box they use.

Please let me know feedback on if the shipping boxes can be smaller or if you can hire someone new to pack 5 units in a box that size or smaller like Ubiquiti. It allows us to order more Cambium for less money (shipping) and hopefully will help reduce the MSRP of these units as well :)

Cambium, please order a 5-pack of the PBE-M5-400 units and take note of how efficiently they pack that box. It will surely help you out quite a bit.

Thank you

Link to pictures comparing the box sizes:

Hi Darin,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass this on the development team.


Hi Darin,

What we did differently in the Force 200 was focus on installation ease. Many of the parts are sub-assemblies instead of having the end user assemble them (mast clamps came assembled and L-bracket + back housing). We could look into repackaging at the cost of more assembly time on the customer’s side.

What do you think?

Hey Alex,

I appreciate the feedback. What I'm asking is for you guys to purchase the Ubiquiti PBE-M5-400 5-pack and see that it is even easier to assemble than the Force 200 and takes up less space in the box while holding Qty. 5 instead of 4.

The Force 200 is much easier than the Force 110 but it could still be as good as the new Powerbeams and be packed in a box more efficiently. I would be glad to take video or pics of opening the Ubiquit box so your team can see how it is packed and how easy it is to assemble.

I love our Cambium gear but there is always a way to improve a product and the packaging it comes in.


Ubiquit’s packaging is really small, which can greatly reduce transportation costs for customers, especially for the customers in China. It will be appreciated if you can check the packing of Ubiquit "PBE-M5-400".

Thank you both for the feedback. We'll discuss this inside Cambium.