Force 300-13 EAP-TTLS

We have some Force 300-13 radios that we can not yet use. When we configure the radio for initial deployment our Radius EAP-TTLS password is less then 8 characters long. The radios will not allow (Firmware 4.7.0) for the configuration of an EAP-TTLS password that is less then 8 characters long, this restriction needs removed.


It’s removed in firmware.
I can share the RC firmware if it works for you.
Thank you.

Fedor, that would be GREAT! I appreciat it and my boss will too lol

I’m sending in DM.
So you can use or 4.6.2 firmware that is not affected too.

Thank you.

I will update these radios this afternoon, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Ryan, I’d be interested in your experience with F300 clients and EAP-TTLS. We found EAP causes traffic to stop forwarding on F300 devices and has existing since inception. Cambium confirms there is an issue and said it’ll get addressed in v4.8. Not sure if it is specific to our implementation, but we’ve tried multiple RADIUS servers and have recreated the issue consistently over the past 3 years. The issue doesn’t exist with any of the 1k or 2k series stuff and is limited to the clients, not AP dependent.

Are you having issues with the EAP-TTLS on ePMP3000 APs with the 300-13 SM? We don’t have any ePMP3000 APs, only 1-2000. It’s also getting hard to find earlier generation radios for continued ePMP deployment.

Never used the 13, but the 16 and 25 exhibit the same behavior and stops forwarding traffic. Happens with 2k or 3k APs.

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