Force 300-16 Keeps Deregistering

Hello Everyone!
I’m facing an issue connecting a Force 300-16 SM to an ePMP 3000 Sector
The problem is that the sm keeps registering and deregistering after a couple seconds of registration keeping in mind that the distance from the sm to the sector is approximately 1.6 km with a clear line of sight and an RSI of 70 dBM.
thanks in advance

Try updating the AP and SM to the newest beta firmware.


Yes - we’ve been running 4.6.1-RC27 on everything for the last 5 weeks or so, and have noticed no strange issues. We even put it on our ePMP1000 2.4Ghz gear (which had previously been running 3.5.6 for years) and it’s better and faster and more stable too. So yeah – what Eric said – before doing anything else, put the AP and SM’s to 4.6.1-RC27 and see if this is due to an already squashed bug.


if there’s another sm connected to the sector does it have to be updated too?

The best results will always be had with the AP and all connected SM’s all being on the same code. So - yes, Eric and I would both suggest upgrading the AP and all it’s SM’s to 4.6.1-RC27

If this is a bug in an order firmware (of if it’s something environmental that the old firmware doesn’t handle well) and if it’s already been fixed… this is the way to find out. :slight_smile:

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thank u so much
I’ll try it out and provide you with the results inshallah

may i ask a couple of questions? if u don’t mind of course :slight_smile:

thank you :heart:
i got some questions regarding Force 300-16 and ePMP 3000
the first question is what’s the maximum RSSI and distance that a customer can connect from and still get a good performance?
second question is what is the maximum number of customers that can be connected to a single epmp 3000 sector (i know it says 120) but when it comes to real environments does it actually has the ability to handle 120 users?
again thank you so much :heart:

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The performance depends on your noise floor. I have 28 users connected to a 3000 ap and they all get over 300 mbps. The frame utilisation doesn’t go beyond 30% which gives me good space for another 30 customers.

One last thing. 1.6 km with -70 reception level is quite high.

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1.6km and -70? What is the SNR? Though this may be acceptable due to path issues, it is a low signal strength. We have a few f300-16s that are pushing 5km with - 66db/ 30snr but also those are fairly clear paths to the tower too.

First do as suggested and get to 4.6 1 (its released now) on all SMs on that AP then update that AP.

Second, confirm RF path is the best path available, sometimes best and easiest are not the same. you may simply need to move the radio 6ft higher. While you are at it, make sure your not on the edge of the sector, depending on the sector antenna your using you could have a issue on the edge.

thank you all so much i really appreciate it :slight_smile: