Force 300-16 Version 4.4.3 no compatible to AP ePMP 1000 version 3.5.2

I installed a Force 300-16 version 4.4.3 on an existing system, where AP is an ePMP1000 version 3.5.2, it gives me the message of incompatible software, how can I solve it?
I know they have 2 different protocols, 802.11 AC for Force 3000 and 802.11n for ePMP1000. What version can I upload to Force 300 to make it compatible with the rest of the system?
Thank you

you are going the wrong way.

If the AP is 4.4.3 then a 3.5.6 SM can join and then be upgraded. if the AP is 3.5.6 and the SM is 4.4.3 then it wont work.

Upgrade all connected SM's to 4.4.3 on your sector/tower then the AP, once that has been done the force300 will work. 

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As a best practice we always recommend to run the same version on both AP and SM in production. Please update to 4.4.3.