Force 300-19 Scan list

Firmware 4.4.1 - loaded into both banks.

5740 is missing from the 20mhz frequency selection for scanning. Just a heads up for people doing swap outs and the cpe doesn't reconnect to the master at 5740 with 20Mhz.

Other things are off too, in 40Mhz it shows in the scan list it will connect to something at 5745 - but the lowest you can go in 40Mhz channel is 5750.

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams


Let me check supported frequencies. We are talking about FCC, right?


What regulatory domain ? Can't be a FCC radio, I've never seen 5740 @20Mhz as an option on ePMP 3k AP or CPE even before DFS channels were available. Also, 5745 @40Mhz is an option on FCC AP and CPE 1k, 2k and 3k.

5750 is the lowest i'm allowed to set on a 2k AP using 40Mhz channels. It's also the lowest that CPE's will scan for.

I should of clarified that it's not as if5740 used to be an option on 3k equipment and now its not - but that if you're swapping force 200 CPE with a force 300CPE and the AP is on 5740 at 20Mhz then you won't get it  to reconnect.

This is FCC.


This is due to stricter FCC requirements. We pobably can't do much about it.


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Please find link to FCC Rules document:,-Oct-2014-TN.pdf

page 10

5735 MHz is specified as frequency edge for 802.11ac.

Thank you.


Yep, you're right, no 5750 @40Mhz  is the lowest on AC.  I must have had a little to much crack in my coffee that morning.