Force 300-19 Wireless issue

Hi, dears.

I m having an issue with the Subscriber module (Force 300 -19), it is connected with the ePMP 3000 PTMP rocket if I just hold the frequency from the Force 300-19’s configurations and matched the frequency with the ePMP 3000. but when I let the list of the frequencies without a checkmark and then change the frequency from my ePMP 3000 the force 300-19 wirelessly become down, and the will not be connected. until I hold the frequency.



Two options to select SM frequency, scanning/connecting time will be slightly higher on 1st option.

  1. Select/Unselect all frequency as shown below.
  2. Select only certain frequency as below . Here AP need to configure any of these frequencies to make a link

Hope this info will help you…

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Dear Sreejith.

I did the 2 options, but in the first option, If I selected/unselected all frequencies then changed the frequency from the AP, the (Force 300 -19) will not be connected until I select the frequency from the (Force 300 -19).

maybe I will face some issues like if the (Force 300 -19) wirelessly down caused by the noise and I have to change the frequency from the AP to avoid the noises, how then make a connection with the (Force 300 -19)?

Hi !

This can happen if the configured frequency is noisy.
As a precaution you can upgrade AP and SM to latest SW version and improve the RSSI as much as possible.Use spectrum analyzer to find to check cleaner channel at both sides.
Also please share the tech support file from both radios while facing connection issue.

I did all, Is (Force 300 -19) fixed wireless?!. does it mean select frequencies manually ?.

Hi ,
Yes, it’s fixed wireless solution.
Frequency need to select on AP side ( manual or through Auto -ACS).
SM side frequency selection logic already explained earlier.

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Many firmware versions back leaving all channels unselected caused exactly the problem you describe so we got in the habit of selecting all the channels instead of none of the channels (on PtMP client radios). I assume it takes longer but it works 99.9% of the time.

That said, on backhaul / PTP links I always select the channel (or channels when using DFS) that will be used and only those channels due to assuming (possibly incorrectly) that it will speed up the connection process.

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Thank you, guys.

I will try again as you said.

I appreciate it .