Force 300 25 and cnMatrix 2012R-P

Hi all, would anyone know why my cnMatrix 2012R-P poe port has to be set to passive 24v to fire up Force 300 25, I tried what cambium recommends and it did not fire up.

Force only on 48V NOT PASSIVE.

Interesting, I through a ticket together for Cambium and they said 24v passive is what it should be… :person_shrugging:

Sorry, that’s right, I thought about 25L because we assemble the most of these :frowning:

By connecting 48V to 300-25 you will not damage it. I haven’t redone it once. At least when connected to the original power supplies from Cambium :slight_smile:
You can see then that there is a wrong voltage because the LED on the power supply is blinking :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your responses and input, greatly appreciated.

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