Force 300-25 as AP for multiple SM's


I was wondering if a Force 300-25 or Force 300-16 is usable as a AP to multiple SM’s. We use quite a few of them as a PTP link. Is it possible or do i need a ePMP 3000 AP do connect multiple SM.

Is this possible on Force 300 or Force 200?



It’s not possible. F300s can operate in AP TDD PTP mode only.
You need ePMP3000L or ePMP3000MP or ePMP3000 for PMP.

Thank you.

It’s possible on a Force 200 - actually, ALL the previous Cambium SM’s could be used a nonGPS MicroPOPs. So Force 180, Force 190, Force 200, ePMP1000 connectorized - in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz… everything could be a TDD AP.

So, you can still do that with an older Force 200 - but in the 300 line, Cambium has decided to remove that feature. :angry:

So - your options are to:
a) use a Force 1000/2000 series SM
b) switch to a different brand.

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We used a 2.4 F200 as an AP to reach 3 customers grouped together and it worked well. Not enough potential customers in the direction to justify a GPS sector. Of course, they would have to be fairly close together path wise. As noted, no GPS and you have the open frequency space to do so. It makes sense in some situations.

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We have lots of places where we used non-GPS as small MicroPOP before, and lots of places where I would have used F300csm, but can’t. I absolutely feel betrayed by the change of policy by Cambium.

I better stop now, I’ve been admonished…

+1 to this request please!!!

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Thank you for the respond. It’s sad that Cambium decided to not persue this feature in the 300 lineup.

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I think that this is a viable option for us, just as a fix before we can get trough a 3000AP in the next budget.

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We have a Mikrotik Dynadish AC upgraded to Level4 license(u$45+), to can work like AP, connecting 5 others towers in the same line(7° beam) in a road of 10kms. The first tower is at 3kms and the last at 10.
We like to change all theses Mikrotik AC devices by F300-25, with 1 of them working like AP.
I think Cambium can do the same and charge an upgrade license to allow this, like Mikrotik :wink:

Thank you. We will review this option.

Thank you.