Force 300 25 ePTP mode with 4.7

Was looking to setup a ptp link with 2 Force 25 radios and was looking on some feedback on any real world results with this setup? Thank you!

We use Force 300c and Force 300-25 all the time for PTP backhauls. We think they work great for the most part. The best advice is to make sure you get the signals/modulations where they need to be. You want solid DS9 modulations, so that’ll require signals into the low 50’s. But if you achieve that, they rock.

I should also say, in lots of places, we use TDD mode with 75%/25% radio, other places we use ePTP mode (with flexible frame) depending on our needs for throughput and latency. So, it’s nice that the Force 300’s offers the choice of the different modes.

Works great - can recommend. :slight_smile:

PS) Also, in 4.7, Cambium has brought back the ability that the 1000/2000 series SM’s had, namely the ability to work as a non-synced PtMP AP. So, with a Force300 we now have the capability to use it as an AP with up to 12 clients again. That may not seem beneficial to you in a PTP mode, but in several cases were we’ve upgraded older PTP links, we’ve found that extremely useful. So, we’ve been able to upgrade the AP side from a N based radio to an AC based Force 300, and then set it to ‘2 SM’ limit, which allows us link to the existing slave, but to then install the new slave side overbuilt over the existing N slave. So, the backwards compatibility, and the ability to have more than a 1 SM limit allows us to have one tech do each side of the link at a time separately, and keep traffic flowing all the time. Once he has installed the slave, and tweaked the aiming with both SM’s linked, we can then route the traffic over the new SM, and finally un-install the old N radio on the slave side. I’m not sure if that’s all clear, but a great feature to see return in the firmware, which has made upgrading much safer and simpler, AND which has made the difference on decision to stay with Cambium hardware for those links. :slight_smile:


Thank you, really appreciate the feedback and insight!!

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