Force 300 25 in Standard Mode

Hello guys, is there any way to mod the firmware or get a firmware mod that allow me to use it in standard mode? Thanks

What that is mean “standard mode” ?

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To connect to standard/home APs

Cambium ePMP is a proprietary TDD protocol. It’s not really WiFi.

The original generation of EPMP did have firmware that had a Wi-Fi compatibility mode, but even that was really designed as a transitional thing. The idea was if somebody was running a Wi-Fi WISP, that would allow upgrading the AP and SM’s using Wi-Fi mode, And then once everything was upgraded to Cambium, then switching across to the MUCH better TDD mode.


so is there a solution that helps me?

It is not possible to use the F300 in WiFi mode.

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That depends on what you’re trying to accomplish - but the short answer is that a Force 300 does not have WiFi mode.

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