Force 300 25 issue

Hi all,
I have a force 300 25 radio that I had connected to a 3000L and I was just wanting to play around and turn off the auto max power and try the manual. So I enabled it and hit save and it appears that the radio went back to factory. It fell off the wireless page of the AP and pops back up but as, has anyone experienced this? Running 4.5.6 on both SM and AP.

For us (and as reported by many others) 4.5.6 has an issue where it will display as the IP of the SM’s sometimes, even when they are working fine and using a different IP.

If this is your issue - what we’ve done is use a program such as AngryIP Scanner to ping the range that the SM should be using, and that can help find the IP in use. Or look at the DHCP server and see what number’s it’s handed out. And then try to log into it with those candidate IP’s. That has worked for us,

Or use cnMaestro to downgrade the AP/SM to an older (or newer 4.6-RC35) firmware, and that’ll probably resolve it – if that’s what you’re hitting.

Either use 4.5 or 4.6 nothing in between forbyour 3000L.

Plug in local to the f300 and check its IP as it could be anything!

Thank you for your replies… I apologize, I should of been clearer…

@ninedd, after I turned the SM from auto to manual power, the SM dropped off and did not reconnect to the AP. Logging into the AP I could see it pop up on the wireless tab and go off periodically as, basically if it was new SM pointed at the AP but not yet connected. So it is not the issue as you described.

@Douglas_Generous, yes I did log into the SM, using the default IP, and it was disconnected from the AP. So I tuned off auto power and had set it to 15 after it was set to manual and that is when it disconnected. I am confused… the SM is .5KM from the AP and anything 17db power or lower it disconnects. So if I used a force 300 16 it would continually disconnect… seems odd.

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You misunderstand how rf gain works. Your tx power is multiplied by the antenna gain. When using decibels for describing tx power you simply add the two together. So in your case an f300-25 has an effective 24db gain antenna and your power to maintain connection is 17db or a one way link budget of 41db. If you use a f300-16 then you would need a tx power of 25db.

Thank you for the reply, The point I am trying to make is that if I have a 25db antenna that is 500ft from the AP, I have to have a combined db of 41 to stay connected to the AP? When it was connected to the AP using the auto power control it was at 25dbm transmitter output power, seems pretty high. I have a force 300 19 on a different tower and it is .9km from tower using auto power and its sitting at 10dbm. I am just wondering if their is an issue in software or hardware, maybe both lol. Thank you for your advice/insight, greatly appreciated.

You might be experiencing the same thing I get at my bench with an AP 60ft above and 40ft away. You are probably in an antenna null, these are usually hard to find but when you find it, youll know by moving the antenna 3ft sideways. You could have a f300-25 with an issue but that can be determined if the rx power is also very low in comparison to another radio at the same spot.

Atpc will set the power to meet the APs SM rx power. So if you set the AP atpc to -60 then the sm will adjust power to be at or as close to -60 at the AP. Path conditions can cause the link to need more power. Going over trees can be a problem as its like having cavity filters placed in the path.

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