Force 300 25 NAT

Just curious, is there any performance degradation when using NAT on the Force 25 SM?

Not that I’ve noticed but we’re only delivering 50Mbps at present.

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Hi @DigitalMan2020

There should be no degradation! At least really noticeable.
If it is not just a general question to know about other users’ experience I need more information.
On which FW version do you see it? Did you try our new 4.7.1-RC13 beta?
More information needed about your network configuration and some numbers to match throughput or CPU/memory in bridge and NAT mode.

There is a slight degradation on the f300 radios due to the extra processing and memory requirements. This is not really from NAT per say, but mostly from the DHCP and DNS processes. If you do leave the DHCP service DNS as default or blank then it does masquerading and this eats CPU time which is needed for packet processing (especially if DPI is enabled). Either fill it in with your customer facing DNS server IPs or use Google’s DNS servers.

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