Force 300-25 packaging / bar codes

Wew have a litteral mountain of Force 300-25 boxes that just arrived. The bar code sticker on the outside does not have the Wireless MAC on it (the spot is blank on every one). The bar code on the radio itself is so small, our bar code scanner will not read it. The Serial nnumber bar code is so beat up on 90% of the boxes that we can't scan it either.

Cambium, for those of us that inventory these with bar code scanners, having this data readable is very important. This is going to take one of our guys well over an hour just to manually enter MAC addresses into our management system. If they are entered wrong, the Option 82 data won't work and we can't provision a customer.

You've done a nice job printing this on the Force 300-16's but the 25's are a mess.

OMG lol !  I JUST had a meeting a week ago with the new owner's accounting dept about what to track in inventory and what not to track and I told them that tracking the cambium radios would be easy because the boxes / cases have bar codes on them for all the radios in the case... so they can be scanned into inventory right off the delivery truck if we want !