Force 300 25 spontaneous reboot loops

I have a growing pile of Force 300 25 feed horns on my desk that exhibit the following behavior, randomly, and for varying lengths of time:

  • SM will associate to AP

  • As soon as traffic passes on SM, it will reboot

  • SM associates to AP

  • As soon as traffic passes on SM, it will reboot

  • If the SM remains idle, sometimes it will not reboot until you try to move more than a bit of traffic across the link. For example, you can ssh into the radio, but trying to load the web ui will cause it to reboot.

On affected radios, this pattern will repeat for minutes, to hours, and then will suddenly stop and the SM can be stable for hours to days at a time. Then the pattern will repeat. It’s easy to spot an affected SM by looking at the reboot count. Some of these will have hundreds of reboots over the course of a day.

In the pre-4.5 firmware days, Cambium support was able to SSH into a few radios and “do something” that appeared to stop the behavior and claimed that a fix was released (I think) in 4.5. I’m now seeing this behavior on an increasing number of radios.

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the behavior except that when it happens it does so in the pattern described. I see this on SMs across my network attached to different APs at different sites.

This is not related to POE power stability. I’ve seen this on radios powered via the factory POE adapter, radios powered via mikrotik POE out (our default install), and radios powered via regulated DC from a battery bank.

This is only happening on Force300-25 radios. None of my 19 or 16 units exhibit this behavior. I currently have a list of ~12 SMs in the field doing this to varying degrees, out of ~200 300-25 units.

Is anyone else seeing the same behavior?

Hi Jacob,

Could you please send to me in DM the list of MSNs or ESNs of the affected radios?
And Tech Support Files form few of them please.

Thank you.

I can once I get to my office a bit later Fedor.

@Fedor I sent you an email with a list of mac addresses and some support files.