Force 300 can't handle /32s

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WISP I work for uses straightforward DHCP server on each tower issuing /32s to customers. We set customer radios to routed. We’ve recently joined the dark side and started rolling out ePMP3000 and it’s been great but for one issue; the force 300 CPE’s can’t handle /32s on their WAN side. Is this something the force 300 developers could look at?

(we need this as we like to monitor traffic between customers on the same tower without the hassles/penalties of PPPoE)


Please check the following thread if it can be useful:

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I’ve been using /32 public addresses with no issue on 300SMs. Ubiquiti on the other hand didn’t work when setting the 300Sm as a bridge and the UBNT trying to receive the /32 address .

Yeah but I’m not using them as a bridge, I’m using them in NAT mode. I wasn’t going to name other brands but UBNT, Mikrotik and even TP-Link gear all manages this.

Hi Fedor, thanks for your prompt response.

If this issue has been around since days of ye olde EPMP1000 and you’ve had support tickets since 2016, am I correct in thinking that Cambium have no interest in rectifying it?

At present as a workaround I’m having to use client isolation on these access points and a different subnet mask on each (even if they’re on the same tower). If I have SMs on the same AP looking to pass traffic then it’ll cause us a LOT of pain to workaround.

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