Force 300 - Chains out by 10dBm

Hi All,

Just trying to see if this is a wide spread issue atm, I have 3 x Force 300 that have a 10dBm difference in chains no matter the alignment. Each one is installed in a different location and Acess Point and all the other F300 clients in the area are not seeing the same issue.

Has anyone else experienced this on the F300? 

Oh no.... I really hope this isn't a repeat of the Force200 stuff. I thought we moved past this.

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The 300-16 (looks like a Force180)  or 300-25 (looks like Always Save version of F200) ?

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 I have to test every single f200 as it comes in for the chain imbalance problem, and on the ones that don't fail I have to fix the gaping hole between the ethernet port and the body of the radio so it doesn't fill up with ants and other bugs. Then there is the curled etherent pins in every single f190, f200, and f300 that the ePMP gang apparently had no idea has been going on for over a year.

We have some F300-25's but still no DFS channels for well over a year so now I guess if they ever deliver the DFS channels and I actually want to use them I'll need to set up something so I can test them also.

Seems quality control is a real problem for ePMP...

Well since 4.4 came out and the F300-25's can do DFS in PTP mode now we replaced a F200 link with a set of them yesterday.  Got the link up and sure enough, 10dBm chain imbalance on the AP end (there was no chain imblance with the F200s)... not to worry, we brought a spare ! Also had a 10dBm chain imbalance...  lucikly this is a .2 mile link  and even with the chain imbalance the link was delivering the much needed increased bandwidth.

Adding insult to injury about 2 hours after we left the tower the ethernet on the client end went to 100Mb. This is something we only see on ePMP's horn type radios with the curled ethernet pins.  I guess at least it isn't rebooting over and over...   that said, I'm not going to bother climbing the tower to replace ePMP horns with more ePMP horns. Going to try my luck with the connectorized 3000 and some 3rd party 1ft dish. 

Awesome job ePMP... nothing we love more than having to repeatedly climb towers to replace factory defective radios.

Didn't know the F200's had a chain imballance problem.

Always credited the one case i have on obstacles. Is there a known Mac / Serial range?

We ended up having about 25 out 500 or so F200s that were bad. Got them at different times and didn't notice a pattern initially, so didn't pay close attention to MAC/Serial #s. After testing almost always 10dB or more imbalance was SM, less was install issue or environment.

Only have 10 F300s installed so far and all are good.