Force 300 CSM / CSML ROW no stock

Anyone know what the status is on Cambium CSM 300 radios? We haven’t had any in 2022, have now ran out and now we’re getting told end of July. A big reason we switched from Ubiquti was supply problems and their North American market focus so we are not thrilled.

Will pay airfreight on non FCC limited models if anyone has a source?

Have you spoke with your RSM? They’re usually really good about finding stock.

Yep. No joy. I have sourced some in Europe. What’s the point of an official distribution/reseller channel if I have to airfreight them to the other side of the planet myself?

It is common problem for all manufacturers. The lack of chips on the market. But we do all our best to get them. And the situation is improving. So soon you can check for new deliveries with your local distributors.

Same problem here in New Zealand. No 300CSM for about 6 months at the distributor, and they have no clue when some will turn up.

If it will continue to come that a large percentage of units have a problem as in the video, it is better that they are not on the market.
My opinion I do not want to impose it on anyone.
I got four with this problem out of ten new ones.
Three destroyed by a lightning strike on the same tower at the same time, precisely because of this problem.
Why should a network or a radio work properly with such a lack?

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