Force 300 in PtP DFS channel return

When a Force 300 in a PtP set up using AP and CPE modes gets a "hit" in DFS. When, or how long does it take to return to that original frequncy? It seems like we have a couple radios in this configuration, and they never seem to return to the primary frequency. Or maybe we aren't waiting long enough....

DFS is a 30 min wait time before returning to the channel that received the 'hit'.  However, if another hit occurs, it will basically prevent operation in that channel.  I wouldn't recommend PTP in DFS channels for anything close to a mission critical backhaul, and would only recommend for very short links away from any potential interference sources.  5.1GHz might be a nice alternative.

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But, it should return, or at least try, and keep trying?

Or, if it tries again, and it gets a hit, it will NOT go back...?

It will go back and try, but there is a very good chance that another DFS hit will occur and the channel won't be useable again for 30 min (basically over and over).

If you are using channel bonding (2+0), it is possible that you may be the source of the interference.  Ensure that you have 100MHz of guard band between the two center frequencies.