force 300 issues

we have installed force 300 for 4 km Point to point link .
Issues : every 2 days data is not moving in client force 300 ethernet. when rebooted the Force 300 data moving .
kindly support to me how to resove this issues ? 
Hardware Version 5 GHz Force 300 Radio (ROW/ETSI)
 Software Version 4.1.4
 Software Version (Active Bank) 4.1.4
 Software Version (Inactive Bank) 4.1.3
Firmware Version U-Boot IPQ40xx 2012.07.26 (Jun 21 2018 - 16:11:36)


Please, visit our support page at and submit a request there.

We will be glad to assist you with this issue.

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thank you for your reply. last 3 days is working F300 PTP link without any issues. i am waiting one or some more days. when that issues will have continuing i will  submit a request there. 

We are have the exact same issue with a new force 300 link. Every 24-48 hours the client Ethernet will stop passing traffic. A reboot brings it back up. The link before this was working fine, we just wanted the extra bandwidth.

Any suggestions, fixes?

after software updates we have two time rebooted. This site is unmanaged networks so i think that's issues come from network Collision. we have changed of LAN sharing system. last 4 days link is working without fails.

Is this issue still gone for you? We still get lock ups every few days. We are using a Managed Netonix switch to power the unit. I can't figure out what could be causing this issue. 

I Got the same problem with rb960gps (powerbox pro) when i use the ac link the rb completely lost all access to ethernet port and i have to reboot it or use watchdog. i was thinking is the ac i got a rma from cambium for my unit but get same problem with replacement. I change the cable , the routerboard and power supply... I dont know what happen but is look like a problem with flow control...