force 300 ptp station random reboot

SM (4.1.3-RC10) REBOOTED AT 11AM SUNDAY   :(  About 36 hours uptime and the the Force300 SM rebooted.

I don't know if this helps or not, but this our CACTI graph of the AP when the SM reboots.  There is a spike of "Radio Errors/Capacity Drops" - but of course I can't tell if this precedes / causes the SM to reboot, or if it's just a normal result of the SM rebooting.

Force300 SM we've been montoring, it rebooted again 2Hrs  8mins ago.  So the AP uptime is 2 days 20 Hours (since I upgraded to 4.1.3-RC10) but the SM has rebooted at least 3 times that I'm aware of during that time.

i talk with costumer service they tell me to backup my config factory reset and reapply last firmware twice and download the backup config to test. I didn't get the time to go on site to do it (plan this week) so if somebody want to try. I go on site this weekend to do it so.

Are you still experiencing reboots? Did the firmware fix the issue?

For me
My AP uptime is: 9 Days, 16 Hours
My SM uptime is: 1 Day, 7 Hours.

Monitor -> Performance from the AP says there has been 7 session drops
Montior -> Performance from the SM says there has been 4 reboots

I don't have a working CACTI template for these, so I can't graph the uptime yet, so I don't know how often, or how long the longest session was... AND it does appears to be rebooting less often now, but still not staying online.

Can someone from Cambium confirm if this is (or isn't) still an ongoing issue.  I've changed 30v Gigabit POE's, RJ45 ends - and my SM is still rebooting. System Uptime is 5 hours on the SM, and 10 days on the AP side.  If this is a known outstanding issue, that's fine.. but I'd like to know either way, so I know if I should be looking for a cause here, or if I should just be waiting for the next firmware update.  Thank you.

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Its a known issue. I have a support ticket open, They been sending me emails about how they are still working on a fix.

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Ok, thank you Slick1. Thats good to know, I’ll stop spinning my wheels trying to solve it from this end then. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I seems that we can only wait for a fix. In the meantime I am afraid we have to change the equipement.

Any newc from Cambium? When we can expect fix for this, it’s show stopper…?

If this is an issue when connected to ePMP 3000 in PtMP mode then it is an even bigger show stopper. I suspect this is a priority correction for Cambium. 

Hi everyone, new firmware is out now 4.1.4

@Slick1 wrote:
Hi everyone, new firmware is out now 4.1.4

Hi Slick1.  I applied 4.1.4-RC4 firmware last night to one of our Force300 PTP links - so that AP and SM's uptimes are about 14 hours and counting.  Just before I upgraded them, the AP had an uptime of 25 days (since the last time I rebooted it) but the SM's was less than 2 days. 

There appears to be some more improvements in latency, so hopefully they have squashed the SM crash/reboot issue to.  We should know shortly - since it seemed the SM's were rebooting every 1-2 days. So, we will see how it goes with 4.1.4   :)

Hi Ninedd,

Thats good news, Please keep us updated. I havent got a chance to update my radios but will very soon.


Forgot to ask you, Are you running both your radios on Full 1000M? I have mine still set to 100 because that was helping with the radom reboots. 

19 hours uptime so far... so we should know in the next day if it's better than before.  Yes, we are auto (full 1000M) on both AP and SM.

This is a "personal best" for uptime on the Force300 SM.  Basically, since I upgraded to 4.1.4-RC4, it has not spontaneously rebooted. 


Great. I have 2 waiting to be installed. Hopefully, now we can. Keep us updated. 

2 days now and NO REBOOTS! Looking good!