Force 400c eptp

Try 10 streams of UDP as well… as I think this is what Cambium uses on their internal BW test.

Okay here are the results…

One way stream sending(DL) to slave showed 411mbps, one way stream receiving(UL) from slave showed 302mbps.

Bi-directional showed 250mbps DL and 230 UL

Well, there ya go! Does that answer your question?

I think so… lol… sorry. I have an aggregate of 700mbps on this link so I should be good if my DL goes beyond my current busy hours of 330mbps download and 16mbps upload? As per what ninedd stated it should facilitate if my DL demand grows and there is room… 16-20mbps upload is the most upload traffic we’ve seen in a few years during our busy time so theoretically we should have room to go beyond 400mbp DL at the current state.
This is why we went with the 400c because of the said ePTP(aka flexible) mode because we have higher DL needs than UL so thought we could squeeze more through and not have to upgrade to soon.

But if I am mistaken then we will look to upgrade the link.

Yes, you should be good to go. All the tests that you’ve done indicate that your target goals of 330… upto 390ish mbps of DL BW should be available, with the remainder of around 16-20mbps for upload.

If you need more then that you might want to try setting the link to high capacity mode, or trying a larger channel width.