Force 400c ptp antenna advice

Hi all, I have a 24km link that I want to implement the 400c radios. Now as per link planner using a 3ft or 4ft antenna renders good results but I am having trouble with what 3ft or 4ft antennas to go with. Radiowave antennas are to expensive for this link so looking for something of decent quality without breaking the bank.


34dBi Rocketdish is just a hair over 3ft and $325.00

I will look into those, thank you!

Actually looks like it’s only $262 at streakwave.

Contrary to what the Streakwave site says, the dish does not weigh 235.00 LB


Would one have to modify the mounting bracket to put the 400c onto the rocketdish?

I don’t have a 400c but I assume they have some way to pole mount it so worst case you would need some longer rpsma pigtails. Then again, I don’t have one of those dishes on hand so it is possible the pigtails are built into the dish… I don’t believe that is the case with any 5Ghz rocket dishes though you might want to make sure (I think the 2.4Ghz rocket dishes have the pigtails built into the dish so you can’t just get longer pigtails).

Something else to keep in mind the specs on the dish say 4.9-5.8ghz so 6Ghz so 5.9 - 6Ghz maybe not an option.

We have 400c mounted with 2’ and 3’ RocketDishes, and yes… had to home-make it. It wasn’t too tough though, and they are working fine. I’ll see if I have pics my phone, and I’ll upload them later what I did.

Well that is very kind of you, I appreciate the help!

Can anyone provide a link to the 400c chart that shows snr and power to achieve “x” modulation… I can find the ptp 550 specs but not for the 400c

Have you looked at KP Performance Pro dishes? Their 34db dish is a bit less than 3ft and they work great. Price is very competitive and you can set the cross-polarity from linear to slant very easily.

The user guide has the chart you need, just make sure to get the most current!

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