Force 400c Self Reboot Again

Hi all, I have a force 400c rebooting itself. It is the slave in a ptp link and I have confirmed it is not power related as everything onsite goes offline but everything except the force 400c has a continued uptime but the force 400c has a new uptime on its timer. Running 5.6.1


Why not try out 5.7.1?

I definitely will, I reviewed the release notes and didnt see anything pertaining to my issue and not sure if anyone else is experiencing this particular issue. The unit is rebooting every 14-16 minutes.

Weird thing is the stats on mastro show no session drops

Hi @DigitalMan2020,

it is definitely better to raise a ticket and attach techsupport after reboot.
We will try to find a root cause.

Mostly every release usually includes “general stability improvements”. :smiley:

But from a programmer’s standpoint, they’ll generally say “upgrade to the latest stable release and see” because whatever bug you’re hitting may already be fixed - and even if it isn’t, they are going to put the fix into 5.7.2 or 5.8.0 and they’re never going to go back to 5.6.x and work on putting a fix into that codebase. :woman_shrugging: So Eric’s advice is (as always) good advice… upgrade to latest stable 5.7.1 and see if it’s fixed for you or not. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply. I agree with upgrading the firmware. Turns out it was not the radio. This site is solar and mainly dc except we had an inverter powering the force 400c until we installed a DC poe. So when we truck rolled we discovered the inverter was failing causing the reboot. Put in the dc poe and good to go.

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