Force 425 bolts too short

Cambium, if you’re reading this, could you supply longer mounting bolts with the F425? This is supposed to be a backhaul radio, so we should be able to mount it to at least a 2.375 OD pole. The brackets are wide enough, but the bolts aren’t long enough. It really pisses off our tower techs because they have to MacGyver something using parts scavenged from old equipment at the site.

We would just order replacement bolts from somewhere like McMaster, but we can’t find fully threaded bolts that size, much less in stainless or galvanized, even if we switch from metric to SAE.

Hello @Ken_Hohhof,

thank you for the feedback! We read this. I will pass it to engineering team.

Could you mention some exact bolt dimensions you need and some your mounting examples where you experience difficulties.

Long enough to mount to a 3" pipe is nice but still keep the ability to grab a 1.5" pipe.

I complained about this years ago with the Force 200 units as well. You can mount to a 2" or maybe a 2 3/8" pipe if you flip the outer bracket around, but will need to use a socket to tighten the nuts. If the bolt were another 1/2" longer (or better yet, 1") it would be a non-issue.

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