Force 4XX Feedback?

Checking with operators here who have started deploying Force 4XX units in the field ?
Any input or problems thus far ? Performance looks great and from the sounds of it, it’s finally made it past the regulators in my parts of the world.

Have a 6 mile link I’d love to do as we’ve been struggling with bandwidth to the site.

For now, vlan tagging is not working and there is a problem that after rebooting when using in high bands it does not retain some settings :slight_smile:
Issues reported to Cambium

looks like 2018(?) and ptp550

We have both a F425 link, as well as a Force400c link with 30dBi antennas on it in testing - and they have performed fast and stable for us.

There were some early issues with the firmware, MTU and eAlign not working.

They are still ironing out bugs actively, but the performance is so far, so good.

Thanks for the feedback guys really appreciated.
Still sounds a bit undercooked/work in progress, but I’ve pushed my P/O through so that I can get them in my lab.

Considering ordering a pair of these to test…So…when will the 5.9 band be ready on these?

Working till 6100 MHz :slight_smile:

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The latest firmware is very solid for us now.


Got it on my bench and its been working ok now.
Hoping I don’t get burned like we got burned by the 300 series that was a total disaster for us.

So, 5.9ghz+ is working?

For me working :slight_smile:

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Just to update our latest performance with Force 400 802.11AX radios. This link is 14.5 KM, and is in a 40Mhz wide channel. Signals at 14.5 KM with 30dbm (2’) dishes are -55, and most of the traffic is passing at DS11 modulation.

Throughput is 450Mbps to 460Mbps at 14.5Km link in a 40Mhz wide channel.

This test was done with MikroTik’s RB4011 routers on each end, and using MT’s bandwidth test. Also, this is with the latest release version 5.1, which seems to be very fast, stable, and seemed to have resolved all the minor cosmetic issues that we had noticed with the earlier beta versions.


Ninedd, thanks for the input. I desperately need to know for sure (since you may be in Canada?):

The release notes say this:
AXG-1936 This release adds support for extended frequencies ranges up to 6180MHz for the Force 400CSM and the Force 400-25 radios.

If this is for United States (FCC) then it should work in this freq range? So is that at 20,40 and 80mhz channels or just 20mhz like for 4.9ghz currently? I am ready to buy a set for testing, just need to know about this.

Those frequencies are only currently available for ROW use (rest of world). In the USA/FCC-land, 5.9 is available, but you need FCC authorization and a custom “STA” firmware to unlock it. Frequencies beyond 5.9, up to 6180 are not allowed yet in the USA because the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) is not in place yet. Please see THIS thread discussing USA and Canadian use of the new 6GHz band.

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20MHz channels are only available for the 4.9GHz licensed public safety band because that’s the maximum channel width allowed by the FCC and there’s only 50MHz of spectrum available. Having larger channel widths would not permit effective sharing of the band with other public safety users.

Larger channel widths will be available for 6GHz when AFC is available, up to 160MHz.

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Thank you Eric, that is what I needed to know. What is the power level I can run on 4.9ghz? Is it the same as 5.x?

The EIRP can vary… Assuming that you’re using a fixed radio/antenna combo OR if you’re using a radio with a 3rd party antenna and you enter the correct gain into the config, the UI should automatically limit the TX power to the correct EIRP.