Force a new user to change his/her password on first login in PTP 650/700

We looked at Identity-based User Accounts in Identity based user accounts in PTP 650/700. Identity-based User Accounts provide three roles. The roles are described in greater detail in User roles for identity based user accounts in PTP 650/700.

Only a user with the Security Officer role can create new user accounts. As a Security Officer user you will still need to invent initial passwords that meet the configured complexity rules.You will normally need to send details of the user name and initial password to each of the users. Normally, you will want each user to change their initial password to a new secret password on their first login. PTP 650/700 make that process straightforward using the Force Password Change checkbox like this:

User "dopey" has to provide a new password on his first login. The rather unkindly named dopey provides the initial password in the standard login like this:


He/she is then provided with the password change dialog like this:

New Password.png

By this means, you've obliged the new user to change his password to one that complies with complexity rules and is secret even from the Security Officer.

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