Force110 ptp success story

I have a situation where I need to have a remote tower connected to both an old tower and new tower we just put up.  Obviously everything needs to run in parallel while we transition.

The tower was previously fed by a Redline AN50.  It offered around 20-30 mbps.  The remote tower is unfortunately extremely busy in 5 GHz (DFS and upper UNII).  Finding another bit of spectrum was going to be difficult.

Due to availability, we started with a Ubnt Nanobeam M5 400.  These are only able to operate in the top part of the band.  Using lower frequencies (5735) the pair of radios would associate and while Airmax would read 80-100% stats, a speed test would yeled abysmal results (5 mbps).  With the Redline off at night for testing, the best recorded result was 15 mbps).  Other frequencies would result in association but lack the ability to even access the remote web interface.

Approaching the deadline to get this project done, we got our hands on the force110 PTP radios.  Replacing both sides gave us about another 3db (from -61 to -58).  The speeds, however, are a completely different story.  After doing another spectrum scan with the new radios we determined the 5810 frequency would be the best place to start testing.  At 20 MHz wide channels we are getting 50x50 mbps.

I am definitely impressed and absolutely pleased that this product can offer such great results with such a terrible RF environment.


Hi Josh,

any photos or screen shots?


Too cold for pictures - 20* and windy =(

Here's our noise:

Speed test I just did:


46.92 Mbps


54.996 Mbps


Not sure what else I can offer you at this point, but don't hesitate to ask!

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