Force180 eAlign values extCh0 and extCh1 too high



Distance 1.5km

Real data Throughput 115Mbps/10Mbps TCP

Backbone: 400 clients wisp

MCS: 15/15 (down/up)

Why the extCh0 and extCh1 on the ePTPslave side show -97 dbm?

Ficticious noise floor perhaps?

Hi Alejo,

Could you please let us know FW version running on your device.

Thank you.

Hi, Fedor


Thanks and I have another PTP Force110PTP. Distance 1000m, with the same problem.


Could you please try with 3.2.1 FW whether issue is still reproducible?

Is 40 MHz channel used on this link, isn't it?

Thank you.

The problem still there after Firmware upgrade

40Mhz yes.


Thank you for reporting that.

Issue has been reproduced in Lab.

SMs are reporting incorrect RSSI for extended channels for 40 MHz BW channels.

We will fix it asap.

Thank you.

In version 3.4.1 the problem still appears


Yes issue is still not fixed yet. It assigned to be fixed in the next Release 3.6.

Does it affects you significantly?

Thank you.