Force200 start uploading at maximum speed randomly

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I'm facing to a very weird problem, lately one SM of our customer randomly starts uploading data at maximum speed to the AP. The weird (and seems impossible!) thing is that this happens even if no network devices are attached to the SM Force200 (lan cable unplugged to the power injector!) and data are not going out through the PPPoE session, just through the wireless device.

The impossible thing is that PPPoE radius limit this user with 2 Mbps upload.... and when this happens the SM start sending more than 10 Mbps upload!

We've planned to change SM Force200 radio to the customer, but I was wondering if someone else has got a weird problem like this!

This is a Force200 radio, connected to an ePMP2000 AP at about 11 km, we've another SM Force200 at about 50 meters far and it works perfectly and we've about 20 other SMs over that AP without problems...

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What is FW version the issue is observed with?

Do you have Tech Support Dump from the SM?

Are packet counters increasing on Monitor Performance page for Ethernet and Wireless?

Thank you.