Force300 issues - just not working very well.

We are having a few issues with 2 new force300 links. These replaced a different manufacture 802.11n link that was performing as expected. 

The plus, we gained about 3x the bandwidth with same channel usage. 

The bad:

The latency is horrible. Even when the link is almost unused, the latency is bad. Jumping from 2ms to 120ms. Anything that can be done to help? We have tried many different channels with no change. Currently running 4.1.4


Client will just disconnect from the master for 10 minutes. Nothing to do but wait for it come back. 

Client will stop passing traffic on ethernet and needs a reboot before it will begin passing traffic again. We have set up a watchdog in our netonix so it gets rebooted within 3 minutes. This happens every 24-48 hours.