Forec 300 ETH LED

Power is on (Red)
Force 300
but my ETH LED flesh Green light and Blue then off always when I plug it in

Force 300-what ?

None of the F300’s I have have any blue lights.

No light - No ethernet
Orange? - 1000Mb
Green - 100Mb
Red - 10Mb

Blue ? Do some of the new F300 radios they just recently came out with have blue lights ?

Though flashing the lights and going off usually means fried power supply, wrong voltage power supply, fried radio, bad/damaged/shorted cable or water in one of the connections shorting it out.

ePMP 5 GHz Force 300-25L SM

Ahh well hopefully someone else here has experience with 25L , I’ve never had my hands on one.

Hi @Akani_Mbondzisa!
Does your Ethernet work or not?

Blue is for 1000mbps
Green is for 100mbs

If it is just an indication issue then upgrade to 4.6.2 or 4.7-RC14. We had some blinking errors on early SW releases.
If Ethernet does not work you have to check cables, poe injector, laptop settings.
Please provide more details and steps to reproduce your issue.