Forgot my IP

I forgot my IP on AP so how can I retrieve my IP without reseting canopy? Because if I reset my information will be lost and I will not be able to connect to my network. I have my MAC address.

Two ways,

1. Easiest - Each AP/SM group has a prive IP network associated to it.

- The AP will be (unless you changed it)
- LUID 1 will be .2
- LUID 2 will be .3, etc…

Telnet to the management IP address of an SM that is associated with the AP (example, and then from there telnet to (Parent AP of that SM).

This works the other way as well where you can telnet to the AP’s management address and then from there telnet to for LUID 1, .3 for LUID 2, etc.

2. If you know the network the AP is supposed to be on, you can try scanning for the IP address using IP Scan from

Put the laptop on the same network as the AP, disconnect the AP from sync so the SM’s drop registration and run the scan. The only IP addresses that should respond are the AP and your laptop.

3. If the above will not work, then you will have to physically go to the AP. Make an override plug by putting a jumper between pins 4 and 6 on an RJ11 plug. Plug the override plug into the AP and reboot. When it comes up it will be without wiping out your other settings.