FPGA version

We are starting to move some of our old Telrad 3.65Ghz to PMP450i (900mhz).  

Question.  We ordered 50 SMs to start with 2 APs, all running FPGA version 020519 P11.  We just received in 50 more SMs that are running 041417 P11.   Is this going to be an issue?  Do all SMs and APs need to be running the same FPGA version?

No, it won't be an issue... the FPGA version doesn't play a roll in compatibility or features... like they did back in the PMP100 days.

Good to hear, we didn't have an issues linking them up but was curious before we were too deep into the install process.  Thanks Eric.

I believe I answered my own question too after I upgraded the firmware on the SM and the FPGA version went to the 02xxxx version.


Eric is correct.

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