Frame Utilization suggestion

Make the Frame Utilization statistics work like the Throughput Monitoring page. i.e. a table of 1-minute interval. SNMP graphing of frame util is all fine and good, but we do 5 minute polling, so it's not plainly obvious what's going on when traffic on an AP is bursty.

We had a customer complaining that it's almost unusable for 20-30 seconds about every 2-3 minutes. We found a misconfigured SM with wide-open max burst rate. That customer was pulling ALL of the AP capacity doing Netflix.

I've asked a couple times for a 'top 10 frame utilization SM's' which would be very helpful in discovering SM's monopolizing the AP. I've also been asking for more frame utiilzation features to be added to cnMaestro.

Tha biggest frame user,  is a SM with low modulation(1X) and using much traffic...