FREE SAMPLE of our 23 inch Reflector Dish to qualified WISP

Hi guys

We have just come out with our new and improved design of the 23 inch reflector dish for 2.4-5.7-5.2-5.4 Ghz. Please go to our web site and take a look. The only thing you have to do is pay for the shipping.


If you have any questions please contact me at or call our office at 780-702-7577

Thanks for looking.

Ken Caird
KP Performance Antennas
Sales Manager

I just wanted to post a review of your product. I had my installers go out and test your reflector and my installers loved it. Finally a company comes out with a product that competes against the “Moto Dish”. The signal against the Motorola reflector was the same, but your pricing is FANTASTIC!! Almost 50% cheaper !! And your 17.5 yagi antennas are working fantastic. Thanks again!

We installed the test dish he sent us and it worked great. My installers will be installing the yagi today, I will update you guys when I hear back.

I would recommend the dish to other WISPs, pricing is great, they perform just as well as the moto dish and they look professional too.

I have no incentive to make this post besides the fact that I like the dishes.


Ken and other forum members:

I am not 100% positive but I may have been one of the first to receive a free sample from KPP and installed it on one of our 5.7 Links with great success. I have not compared the performance of the KPP 23" dish to the standard Moto reflector we use in a back to back test but I can compare it to a Pac Wireless dish. The KPP dish brought the link up several hundred in RSSI and the jitter was cut 50% when compared to a pac wireless dish. The link was unstable before and now with the KPP dish it has not dropped out since the upgrade several weeks ago.

As far as the mount and hardware goes, it is very sturdy, easy to install and everything tightens up nice!