Freq. and channels... is there a chart?

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had a link, or a chart, or something showing the possible freq/channels - and which don’t overlap one another. I would like to have this for 900, 2.4, 5.2 and 5.7. I have been looking everywhere and only run into things like "channels 1 6 11 don’t overlap- but is that only for 2.4?

thanks for the help!

Luke Pack

The Channels are listed in the Canopy User Guide for each Freq. It also tells you which ones are non overlapping.

I made mine in Excel.

I listed from top to bottom all the selectable frequencies for each band in one column, and then identified which AP/BH was on which frequency in the next column. I also included radios that were not mine but that had been identified.

In each band the channel is XMHz wide. Using this and the Excel spreadsheet, you can easily see if your channel selection overlaps.

The spreadsheet is also useful for listing your IP Addresses color codes, max range, control slots, IP address, etc. Use it as your master reference sheet.

Check this out :

tlsarles wrote:
Check this out :

nice the same one hanging right in front of me.

i also have a FlukeNetworks chart

You can get it free also by registering: ... Splash.htm

And if you're interested in auto-negotiation: ... splash.htm

Or there are these

Canadian Charts and Tables … cation.pdf

American Charts and Tables … _chart.pdf

Thank for the many suggestions! I appreciate the help.