Frequency Spread for 2400 AP SM & BH Normal & Advant

Can some one explain what Frequency Spread is used by Canopy AP/SM/BH Normal & advantage Platform…?

I need it for 2.4 GHZ platform.

e.g if i set the AP or SM frequency of 2415 mhz , the used frequency would be 2415+20 mhz or 2415+/- 10 mhz…?

look on page 101 of the user manual if you are going to use a 6 ap cluster use 2.415, 2.435, and 2.4575. they need to be atleast 20mhz away from each other. page 105 and 106 show you how to set up a cluster. if you are going to use 2.4 ap’s i would use 5.7 bh’s otherwise you need 100 ft vertical seperation between the ap’s and the bh.

The reference is Ok. But I need to know if say i set the AP frequency 2.415 GHZ , then the AP would use a spectrum from 2.405ghz to 2.225 ghz or 2.415 ghz to 2.435 ghz…

If you have 20mhz spacing and you pick 2.415. That is your center freq. it would give you 2.405 to 2.425 the next channel up would be 2.435 as the center so it would come down to 2.425 and up to 2.445. You dont want any overlap where that 2.425 is.