Frequent disconnections with Force300-25

hi guys
I’m using F300-25 Firmware is 4.4.6,
system up time is 10 days both master&Subscriber , but my section is disconnect frequently
to help to resolve this issue

get fw 4.5 or 4.5.5 this helps. If you are using NAT mode, try the beta 4.6-rc29 this has made things better for us. If this is a ptp link, stick with 4.4.3 or 4.5

My $0.02:
You need to provide more information and better description of your issue if we are to offer better input to you. consider if your using dfs channels, ACS, power levels and link mode.
The system up time is the radio has power timer not the wireless link uptime, this is found under the monitor->wireless tab.

I am not trying to come off as an ass, but there is too much missing to be of real help to you

Thats what the f300-25 do, disconnect. Ive had them running for over a year and tried every firmware available and am now waiting for the AF60LR so I can replace them. The support guys try to help but the product seems faulty. They work as an SM and stay connected for up to a month (yes that’s actually good for this rnage of products), but in ptp mode they are awful. Ive setup watchdog reboots at both ends and get alerts every couple of days that they have rebooted. My recommendation to fix the problem is to use another product.

My experience is very different.

There was a run of bad f300-25s, not that you had them or not but it is a possibility.

Here is a f300-25 in tdd-ptp mode connected to a 3000l in tdd-ptp mode. 48 days up and counting (was over 140 but a lightning strike blew out all of the fuses on this tower).

Calling the epmp line awful when you select an airfiber which is of the same level and they have their faults too. If you want to consider a “proper” ptp then use an asic based ptp450 or even ptp820 series radio, but these come with a much higher cost due mostly because they are not wifi based and are better engineered to meet telco requirements unlike the epmp/ubiquity focus of SMB.

Us WISPs are trying to provide a service like a telco, 99.999% uptime with equipment that is at best described as 99.0%. Most WISPs that have SLAs that dictate 99.999 or better use equipment that is geared towards that level of service and we happily pass on the additional cost to our clients.