Friday Fun

Each week, we will launch a thread announcing a contest. It may be for a photo, a comment on your experiences, or a trivia fact. 

Everyone is eligible to participate.

The following Tueday noon, two winners will be selected at random from the correct responses, and the prize will be sent to each winner.

Do you have a suggestion for an activity? post it to this thread.


Most creative install Residential

Most creative install Commercial

Oldest piece of a equipment still in production use.

Random Cambium Trivia

Product trivia not listed in manual: i.e. : How many holes are in the dish of a Force 200?  How many jelly beans will fit in the cap to a PMP320 AP?

Craziest response from customer

Worst equipment loss

Best publicity recieved

Just to name a few.


Great Ideas! To include network operators around the world in different time zones, the new Friday Fun posts will be posted late in the day on Thursday Chicago time.  That way, everyone can have fun on Friday.

Here are a few ideas for Friday Fun topics. 

1. Highest subscriber count on a single AP. I have heard some crazy numbers over the years at wispapalooza.

2. Oldest Cambium/Canopy gear still serving customers.

3. Worst Equipment loss on a site from Natural disasters such as Fire, Tsunami ect..

4. Tallest tower

5. "Compare Service Vehicles"

Just a few, I will post more soon. I like the Friday Fun thread

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Thanks - I will add these to the list.