From PMP to PTP link in a NLoS scenario


I have a scenario where I would like to use a PMP450 SM to feed off from a PMP450 AP. Then I would like to use a PTP450 SM to transfer this feed to another PTP450 SM so that they can behave as if there is only one SM in clear LoS to the feeder.

How can I accomplish that?

I'm not sure if I entirely understand your question. Could you pleaseĀ give us some additional information, and example, or even perhaps a simple picture or diagram of what you're trying to accomplish?

Ok, the SM I am supposed to install is in a location blocked by trees. I have no LoS to the feeder AP. But on a building several meters apart there is good LoS to the feeder AP. I want to put the PMP SM there then use a PTP connection to the building where the original installation was supposed to be.

Yeah, you can certainly do that... although if it's a short point to point link, you could save yourself some money and just use (2) ePMP Force 180's to create a cheap/fast little backhaul.

Please advise me on how to achieve that

You can find more information regarding ePMP products, white papers, instruction manuals, etc. HERE. Also, I'd advise you to reach out to your Cambium Regional Technical Manager (RTM) to go over the details and provide technical advice.

Thank you. I will try